Cross offers custom built air and hydraulic fittings, manifolds and ports to fit your applications and needs. You are able to work directly with the people who design and build your part. We take the time to work with you and make sure it is completed to your satisfaction.

Start with the body size you need and then add the fitting ends.

Sizes and Options Available

  • Barrel Type 1 or 2 zinc plating available.
  • Black E-Coating available.
  • Rack type 1 or 2 zinc plating available.
  • Resistance welded joints.
  • Many different threaded configurations (listed below).
  • Up to 2 1/2 inch thread sizes standard.
  • Restrictor fittings and check valves are available.
  • Working pressures meet S.A.E. standards.


Selection is not limited to items shown in our catalog. Jump sizes, restrictors, and special designs are available. You may use the components shown here to design a fitting or manifold to meet your special needs. Our Sales and Engineering Departments are available to answer all your questions or requests.

We are glad to assist with your custom needs, please call us at 913.433.7777 or email us at

We do not stock standard adapters but we will build to order. We build standard adapters to order.

We make a wide range of weld-on ports for use in tank building, tube assemblies or manifolds.