Cylinders Tie Rod Dh Series


Cross produces a wide range of hydraulic cylinders, including tie rod cylinders, welded cylinders and position sensing cylinders. With cylinder bore sizes ranging from 2 bore to 5” bore for tie rod and 1.5” to 5” for welded, and psi ratings up to 3,000. Our cylinders are designed for applications in the agricultural, industrial and construction industries. We have a strong focus on quality and ensure that every hydraulic cylinder undergoes rigorous testing to ensure top performance and a long service life. Our team is dedicated to meeting the needs of our customers and are always ready to respond to their inquiries and requests. We have over 70 years of experience in the design and manufacturing of hydraulic cylinders, so our customers can trust that they are receiving a reliable and high-performing product.

For specific details on hydraulic component parts, including descriptions and part numbers please visit our HYDRUALIC CYLINDER PARTS page. 

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